Meet The Incoming Student Membership Board of Directors

May 19, 2016

Meet The Incoming Student Membership Board of Directors

The AMSA Student Membership recently elected its 2016-17 Student Board of Directors. This was an extremely close election with a variety of highly qualified applicants.

Congratulations to our newly elected board and thank you to everyone who participated!

Morgan Neilson from Oklahoma State University was elected to lead the 2016-17 Student Board as President a few weeks ago and Bo Hutto will continue on as Past President.

East Region Director
Judson Smith, Auburn University

Midwest Region Director
Hope Voegele, University Nebraska

South Region Director
Nick Hardcastle, Texas Tech University

West Region Director
Devin Gredell, Colorado State University

At-Large Directors
Drew Cassens, Texas A&M University
Carla Weissend, Colorado State University

Outgoing board members include Chad Bower, Brittney Bullard, Dan Crownover, Loni Lucherk, Kassandra McKillip, and MaryAnn Matney whose terms will be completed at the close of the 2015 RMC.

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