First SALUMI 101 Major Success

Dec 16, 2016

"Great course, excellent instructors, awesome experience, fun and interactive" are just a few of the many comments received after the first AMSA SAUMI 101 course hosted by California State University-Fresno last week. Special thanks go out to AMSA members Drs. Amanda McKeith, John Henson and Dana Hanson for all of their hard work and dedication to making this coursed not only an educational experience for the 23 attendees but a memorable one as well.

SALUMI 101 is a unique three-day, hands-on educational course designed for anyone with a passion for learning more about the art and science of crafting high quality artisan meat products. Participants had the chance to interact with industry and university professionals as they learned about the production of safe and high quality artisan-style meat products. The course began with insight into basic meat science, salami production, pork carcasses including a hands-on cutting and fabrication pork carcass lab. After learning all the background information on the first day, attendees were ready to dive in and learn more about salami production practices and techniques. At the end of days one and two, attendees had a chance to sample a variety of products but the real treat was the chance to make their artisan products, that included a lesson in the art of hand tying their very own salami products. The second day concluded with a discussion on the history of aging and the advantages and benefits. On the final day of the course, attendees were treated to a tour of Busseto Foods, who specializes in gourmet dry cured meats, European style salami, prosciutto and pepperoni.

Past attendees can't stop talking about Salumi 101:

"Salumi 101 will definitely make an impact on my personal knowledge when it comes to Salumi products."

"Salumi 101 is great for trained chefs and serious cured meat processors alike. The equal time between hands on training and in depth classroom curriculum was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed all the teachers and staff."

Salumi 101 was a great course, we were able to both learn and refresh, I arrived back to work feeling very enriched and excited."

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