Time is Short to Become a Charter Donor

Mar 30, 2017
The AMSA Educational Foundation revealed that several Mentor and Legacy Recognitions likely will finish soon and be awarded at this year's RMC. Time is running out for supporters to have their names listed on the awards as charter donors. If you have been thinking about making a donation of any size, make your donation by May 1 or contact Jen Persons (jpersons@meatscience.org, 217-689-2440) to let her know of your intent. Mentor and Legacy recognition funds serve students and members - continuing the passions of the mentor and fulfilling the mission of AMSA.
To learn more about a fund or to donate online, click on the honoree's name. Checks may be mailed to the address below. Don't delay!


Ken Johnson (NCBA, retired) Legacy Recognition candidate
Dave Anderson (Elanco, retired) Legacy Recognition candidate
Jimmy Keeton (TAMU, retired) Mentor Recognition candidate
Craig Bacon (Tyson) Mentor Recognition candidate
Chris Raines (Penn State) Mentor Recognition candidate
Jeff Savell (TAMU) Mentor Recognition candidate
Gordon Davis (CEV) Mentor Recognition candidate

Please write the name of the fund on your check and mail to: AMSA Educational Foundation,  c/o American Meat Science Association,  26145 Network Place, Chicago, IL 60673-1261.



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