We Celebrate an AMSA Icon

Apr 12, 2017

2002 Ken Johnson Joe Harris and R B Sleeth - Foundation TrusteesFor many years, Ken Johnson was the lead staff and the Secretary-Treasurer of AMSA: running meetings, planning RMC, inspiring donors, and lending personal assistance to AMSA members. From its early obscure days, he promoted AMSA as a valuable scientific organization. Today it is highly respected in academia, government, and industry around the world. He has changed not only AMSA but also the meat industry. Every time we step up to the meat counter, every time we consult a meat recipe, every time meat is exported or imported, and in every step from fabrication to your fridge, his innovations have brought us safer and easier-to-use retail meat. His work also showed retailers how to make wiser inventory and pricing decisions to reduce waste and give consumers more value for their money. We take all these advantages for granted today because the 'firsts' Ken created have changed everyone's 'everyday' experience with meat. Please visit Ken’s website to learn more, support his Legacy Recognition Fund, or to comment with congratulations, memories or gratitude.

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