We Celebrate Another AMSA Icon

Apr 19, 2017
2016 11 David Anderson with International Trophy

Dave Anderson has been a tireless advocate for and volunteer in AMSA: board director, President, RMC Chair, Foundation trustee, and fundraiser for the two ICoMST meetings we have hosted. Dave created the international meat judging contest rotating trophy and donates his artistry to sculpt the medallions for mentor recognition plaques. He is passionately involved in the Foundation, helping create opportunities for students and young professionals. Why has Dave been building this legacy of giving back? He believes that his successful career would not have been possible without the connections, mentoring and encouragement he received from members of the American Meat Science Association. At Elanco Animal Health Research and Development, Dave and his team of researchers focused on improving the efficiency of livestock production. The result has been a revolution in sustainability and nutrition. His body of work includes research findings, patents, and publications that contributed to products that are widely used across the globe. Because of all that he has received through AMSA, Dave continues to invest in the next generation of scientists while working to honor the mentors who have made our industry great. Please visit Dave’s website to learn more, support his Legacy Recognition fund, or to comment with congratulations, memories or gratitude.

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