Penn State Team Hosts Their First Pork 101

Penn State Extension held Pork 101 for the first time on November 1-3, 2022, at State College.
Penn State Extension held Pork 101 for the first time on November 1-3, 2022, at State College. They pulled together a fantastic team to teach various attendees about pork production from start to finish. Drs. Elizabeth Hines, State Swine Specialist, and Jonathan Campbell, State Meat Specialist, guided the group through a comprehensive set of materials and activities using the facilities at Penn State. 

A team of Penn State staff and educators, including Glenn Myers, Heather Hunt, Ben Williamson, and Dr. Bob Mikesell, helped teach attendees how to evaluate live hogs and slaughter, cut, and process pork products. Matt Wenger from ISU was a valuable resource to the team in their first Pork 101 event! The regular curriculum was enhanced with a presentation on niche market pricing by Matt LeRoux from Cornell and research on pasture rearing and pork quality by Chelsea Becker, graduate student at Penn State. The event education was rounded out with presentations from industry experts and taste testing further processed meats with Dr. Dana Hanson from North Caroline State. 

AMSA CEO Collette Kaster was pleased to attend and interact with the attendees, as well as AMSA Emeritus Dr. Bill Henning. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hines are looking forward to planning the next round of Pork 101 to come to Pennsylvania. In true Penn State fashion, Dr. Hines summarized the outlook for the future “WE ARE excited for the initial support we have received from industry and attendees to our first event, and we look forward to establishing Pork 101 as a new resource for our community.”

If this experience sounds like one you need, we will host more PORK 101’s in the near future. As soon as registration opens, we will communicate that through eNews and our website at We look forward to seeing you there!