Concurrent Session V: Reimagine Nutrition and Health

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From government agency insights on funding meat-related nutrition research to USDA's scientific advancements in precision nutrition and food systems, this session provides an overview of both current and future human health and nutrition topics. Concluding with a detailed examination of micronutrients in meat, case studies showcasing its dietary impact, and collaborative efforts between the meat industry and nutrition professionals, attendees will gain valuable insights into research, funding opportunities, and the crucial role of nutrition professionals in effectively communicating the significance of meat in the diet.

Vision for Meat, Nutrition, and Research Needs
Speaker: Suzanne Stluka, our Deputy Director for NIFA’s Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition

Overview of government agency vision for positioning meat in the diet and human health in the future, including programs for funding research in these areas.

USDA Science and Research: The Case for Meat in Precision Nutrition
Speaker: Deirdra N. Chester, Ph.D., RDN – Director, Office of the Chief Scientist for Research, Education and Economics (REE), United States Department of Agriculture

Learn about the exploration of meat in food systems and precision nutrition, the USDA's role in advancing knowledge in research and innovation in meat science, and the USDA's research portfolio in alternative proteins.

From Plate to Professional: Empowering Dietitians in Communicating Meat's Role in Nutrition
Speaker: Emily Krause, MFCS, RD, LD, FAND Director, Nutrition Health & Wellness Initiatives, National Pork Board

Embarking on an exploration of the nutritional landscape of meat, the presentation highlights essential nutrients and evolving micronutrient insights. Addressing controversies,  we will tackle concerns related to saturated fat, and cholesterol, emphasizing the significance of lean options and moderation. As we navigate, we'll underscore the importance of educating dietitians, offering insights tailored to their needs and sharing impactful case studies of successful collaborations between the meat industry and nutrition professionals.