Concurrent Session I: Application of Growth Promotion/Management Technologies and Their Impact on Meat Quality

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This session will explore the current opportunities and challenges for utilization of growth promoting technologies. Specifically, the international trade environment, nutritional strategies for improving carcass composition of growth promotant fed cattle, and learnings from introduction of a new growth promoting technology.

Impact on International Trade of Growth Promoting Technologies in the Meat Industry 
Speaker: Travis Arp, Ph.D., Technical Service Director for Export Programs, JBS USA Food Company

This presentation will discuss the impact of restrictions of growth promoting technologies on the international trade of red meat products. We will also discuss how these restrictions impact meat packing companies from an operational standpoint, and considerations companies make when producing products for export to countries with export restrictions. Finally, Dr. Arp will look at new technologies coming to market and how the industry can learn from past issues with trade restrictions on meat exports to be more successful in the future.

Trace Minerals to Enhance Carcass Quality of Cattle Receiving Growth Promoting Technologies
Speaker: Stephanie Hansen, Ph.D., Professor, Beef Feedlot Nutrition, Iowa State University

This talk will highlight work using affordable nutritional strategies for cattle given growth promoters. Trace minerals such as zinc, copper and manganese optimize cattle performance while maintaining carcass quality. Data discussed will include existing and new beta agonists such as ractapamine hydrochloride and lubabegron fumarate and anabolic implants.

Experior:  Commercial Launch Approach and Research Update
Speaker: Phil Rincker, Ph.D., Technical Consultant, Elanco Animal Health

Experior was approved in 2018 and is the first FDA approved product labeled to reduce ammonia gas emissions from an animal or it's waste.  Introducing any new feed additive into the US beef industry poses some unique challenges and opportunities given the global demand for US beef.  Dr. Phil Rincker will share insight into the very disciplined and pragmatic approach to commercializing Experior in an effort to provide a new innovation for beef producers without impacting the global nature of the US beef industry.  He will also discuss results from some of the conducted research studies and the future plans to generate new information.