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Jun 02, 2015

AMSA announces that Dennis Seman has been named an AMSA Fellow and is a recipient of the 2015 AMSA Signal Service Award. The AMSA Signal Service Award was established in 1956 and is given to members in recognition of devoted service and lasting contributions to the meat industry and to the association. The Signal Service Awards are sponsored by Cargill, Johnsonville Sausage Company and Elanco Animal Health. Dennis Seman will be honored at an Awards banquet during the AMSA 68th Reciprocal Meat Conference on Tuesday, June 17, 2015 in Lincoln, NE.

Dr. Dennis Seman, was born with his twin brother (Dwight) in the small western Ohio town of Greenville which was famous for the treaty of Greenville signed in 1795 that opened up the Northwest Territories for settlement; it was also the birth place for Phoebe Ann Moses, also known as Annie Oakley.   Both brothers entered the vocational agriculture program at the Greenville High School and worked all the way to earning their State Farmer Degrees. When their parents and grandparents decided to have butchering day, which usually occurred each fall, both Dennis and Dwight could not wait to help.  This is where Dennis’ love of meat science had its beginnings. 

After high school Dennis and his brother attended the Ohio State University and it was here that they began to differentiate themselves.  Dennis decided to major in Ag. Education and proceeded to be active in the Alpha Zeta fraternity and other extracurricular activities.  Both he and his brother were listed among the top 10 senior men in the college of agriculture in 1976. 

Dennis subsequently received his Master’s degree at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, a second B.S. at St. Louis Christian College, and his Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky.  He says that Ohio State taught him perseverance, Nebraska taught him how to study, St. Louis Christian College taught him to think and how the pieces all fit together, and UK taught him to research. 

Since earning his Ph.D. life has been an adventure for Dr. Seman.  He spent two years on a post doc fellowship (NARC) with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (now AgResearch) in New Zealand to study venison and was a member of one of the first People-to-People International trips to China (1987) – a trip lead by George Cocoma. 

After returning to the USA, Dennis was hired as a process development scientist by Bob Vimini at the Oscar Mayer Division of Kraft in 1990.  Dennis has always been grateful for being hired by a company with the great heritage for innovation and scientific development that Oscar Mayer has developed over the years.  At Oscar Mayer, Dennis has learned many invaluable lessons about the production of meat and other food products to feed our hungry world.  He was first struck by the tremendous variation that exists in raw materials.  One of the most notable accomplishments was working with a team of R&D people to develop statistical model for knowing how to inhibit Listeria monocytogenes with the use of lactate/diacetate based upon other formulation parameters.  This helped not only the company, but the whole meat industry to improve food safety.

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