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Meat and Muscle Biology to Launch Journal Article Submission on October 26

Oct 20, 2016

In just a few days, the American Meat Science Association will open up submissions for its new peer-reviewed journal Meat and Muscle Biology. The journal is set apart from all other journals primarily in its scope:

The purpose of the Journal is to provide an appropriate medium for the dissemination of interdisciplinary and international knowledge on all antemortem and postmortem factors that influence the properties of meat that are marketed for human consumption. High quality, pertinent, and timely basic and applied research will be published on meat and muscle biology from domestic mammals, avians, aquaculture species, amphibians, wild capture mammals, and synthetic meat analogs. Topics can include any factors affecting meat and its use, including production, quality, composition, processing, safety, and value of edible products including muscle biology and biochemistry, human nutrition, food safety, sensory evaluation, consumer science, new or improved meat related analytical procedures, processing and sensing technologies, and marketing of meat products.

This is the only peer reviewed journal that encompasses all of the aspects meat science including all meat marketed for human consumption. It also covers antemortem and postmortem factors affecting the properties of meat.

The journal is being led by a seasoned group of AMSA members serving on the editorial board. Dr. Ken McMillin (Louisiana State University)  is the Editor in Chief. Dr. McMillin’s years of experience as a researcher, publisher and in his work on numerous editorial boards will serve AMSA well as we launch this new publication. Dr. McMillin will be joined on the journal staff by Associate Editor Surendranath Suman (University of Kentucky). Dr. Suman is an international renowned young research scientist with a strong background in scientific communications. They are joined by an international editorial board of AMSA members:

·       Heather Bruce, University of Alberta

·       Michael Dikeman, Kansas State University

·       Anna Dilger, University of Illinois

·       Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan, Iowa State University

·       Melvin Hunt, Kansas State University

·       Brad Kim, Purdue University

·       Jeffrey Savell, Texas A&M University

·       Wes Schilling, Mississippi State University

·       Phyllis Shand, University of Saskatchewan

·       Tommy Wheeler, USDA Agricultural Research Service

The journal provides an ideal medium for disseminating your research results to a global audience. It will launch as gold open access from the beginning, allowing maximum exposure immediately after publication. This will also be an online publication, extending its reach across the globe freely. Additionally, the Editorial Board is committing to minimizing the time to decision for the articles submitted.

AMSA contracted with the publishing group ACSESS, noted for its work with the Journal of Animal Science, Animal Frontiers, Crop Science, Agronomy Journal and many others. ACSESS is providing all of the infrastructure for article submission and review and will be hosting the journal in its Digital Library which is accessed by libraries worldwide.

There are several details on the journal which will be finalized over the coming week. We will maintain all current information at www.meatscience.org/journal.

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