• Encourage all members to create short informational videos about a question they regularly receive about meat and/or the meat industry
  • Drive traffic to the new AMSA consumer site "The Meat We Eat"
  • Creation of a wide range of easy-to-understand podcast videos


  • AMSA member (or child/grandchild of AMSA member)
  • Follow AMSA Best Practices for Podcast
  • Upload video (must be in .mov, .avi, or .MP4 format; Prefer .MP4) by midnight PST, December 15, 2015 & fully complete registration form below.
  • Email your video file to upload.Video_P.fz5yh0adjj@u.box.com 


  • No late submissions will be eligible for contest. Videos from members may be submitted at any time for general use.
  • Each AMSA member may submit no more than one video per category (6 videos total).
  • Dec.18, 2015- early Feb., 2016 Scientific Information Committee (SIC) designated panel will review videos for accuracy. The review will be similar to abstract acceptance review (acceptance, acceptance with edits, or rejection). During this time, accepted videos will also have the official AMSA podcast introduction and closing added to the video.
  • The SIC may request edits, additional information, or changes to wording to ensure the videos meet the association’s standards.  These changes must be returned within 30 days of notification.
  • Starting late February 2016 videos will be posted on the website.
  • The person in each category whose video receives the most views by June 9, 2016 will receive a $150 award. The person receiving the most views overall, will receive a GoPro camera and recognition at RMC 2016. Members submitting videos are encouraged to find creative ways to make use of the videos to boost viewership to AMSA consumer website and resources.

Various podcasts will be featured as spotlights on the AMSA Consumer website and other AMSA promotional material during the contest as needed to address current hot topics, highlight seasonal trends, etc. Therefore, timely, informative, and consumer-friendly video podcasts will receive an advantage. Those selected for these spotlights will be at the discretion of the Scientific Information Committee and/or AMSA staff.


  • Meat and Poultry Processing, Ingredient/Ingredient Technology, & Packaging
  • Meat and Poultry Quality and Composition Measurement and Prediction
  • Meat and Poultry Safety
  • Animal Welfare, Environment/Sustainability and Production Practices & Their Effect on Meat Quality
  • Meat Preparation Tips
  • Meat Industry 101

The video with the most votes in each membership type will also be recognized at RMC 2016: Future Meat Scientist (must be 18 or younger, not in college, & have parent or grandparent who is a current AMSA member), Undergraduate, Graduate Student, Professional, Emeritus.

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