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Recordings are posted for the morning keynotes and concurrent sessions.

Keynote Sessions

Monday Keynote Address sponsored by Cargill

The Challenges of Being A Meat Scientist In The 21st Century
Dr. Gary Smith, Colorado State University
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Tuesday International Award Lecture, sponsored by Solae, LLC

Meat Science Experiences in Latin America: Applications in Trade 
Nelson Orlando Huerta-Leidenz, La Universidad del Zulia/U.S. Meat Export Federation - Mexico City
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Wednesday Hot Topic Keynote Address

"You Are All Journalists Now"
Trevor Butterworth, Forbes.com
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Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Technical Session I – Inside the Beltway…What Influences Policy Decisions?

Beltway 101 – Status of Current Political Climate 
Kristina Butts, Director, Legislative Affairs, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Washington, DC 
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The Influence of Pseudoscience, Media, and Social Perceptions on Policy Decisions 
Jennifer Greiner, Industry Consultant, Washington, DC 
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The Influence of Science on Policy Decisions (Including Lobbying Efforts for Research Dollars) 
Barbara Glenn, Vice President, Science and Regulatory Affairs, CropLife America, Washington, DC 
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Concurrent Technical Session II - Meat Quality 
Sponsored by Texas Beef Council

Genetic Markers for Quality 
Sue DeNise, Director, Global Research and Development, Laboratory Operations and Customer Service, Pfizer Animal Genetics, Kalamazoo, MI 

Industry Pre- and Post-Harvest Approaches to Improve Beef Quality 
H. Glen Dolezal, Director of New Technology Applications, Cargill Meat Solutions, Wichita, KS 

Quality Influencers of Further Processed Meats 
Ann Brackenridge, Director of Research and Development, Cargill Value Added Meats-Retail, Cargill, Wichita, KS
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Concurrent Technical Session III – Diet and Health
Sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc.

Epidemiology 101 - Nutritional Epidemiology Methods and Interpretation Criteria
Andrew Milkowski, Adjunct Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
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Dietary Nitrite and Nitrate:  From Menace to Marvel
Nathan Bryan, Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine, The University of Texas - Houston Health Science Center, Houston, TX
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Industry’s Role in Sodium Reduction 
Ajit Tikekar, Research and Development, Campbell Soup Company, Camden, NJ 

Concurrent Technical Session IV – Meat Plant Validation and Verification
Sponsored by Budenheim USA

USDA In-Plant Validation Regulations - A Review of the New FSIS Validation Policy
Daniel Engeljohn, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Policy and Program Development, FSIS, USDA, Washington, DC
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Impact on Small Processors - "Fresh" Side of the Industry
Mohammad Koohmaraie, CEO, Meat Division, IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group, Lake Forest Park, WA
Presentation        Recording

Meat Plant Validation - Large Processors - Processed Meat
Brian Borchert, Senior Manager of Food Safety, Sara Lee Corporation, Downers Grove, IL  
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Hot Topic Sessions

Relationship of blood lactate and meat quality in market hogs
David Anderson, Affiliate Faculty Member, Colorado State University, Loveland, CO
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AMI's Perspective - Current and Emerging Issues Facing the Meat and Poultry Industry
Betsy Booren, Director, Scientific Affairs, American Meat Institute, Washington, DC
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Vaccines for Food Safety
Daniel Schaefer, Assistant Vice President, Research and Development, Cargill Beef, Wichita, KS
Presentation        Recording

NCBA's Perspective- Current and Emerging Issues Facing the Beef Industry
Kristina Butts, Director, Legislative Affairs, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Washington, DC
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Validating Interventions
Brad Morgan, Professor, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Presentation        Recording

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service's Update - Interfacing with the Industry
Bucky Gwartney, International Marketing Specialist, USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service, Washington, DC
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Understanding International Market Standards for Residues
Steven Larsen, Director, Pork Safety, National Pork Board, Des Moines, IA
Kevin Smith, Director, Export Services, U.S. Meat export Federation, Denver, CO
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Nutrient Database Improvement
Jennifer Leheska, Nutritional Consultant, Canyon, TX
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