Clay Bendele


Texas Tech University
Advisor: Dr. Mark Miller

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

Since becoming an AMSA member in 2015, I have always looked up to Student Directors and the leadership they have provided for this organization. I would be honored to be a part of the Student Board of Directors and have to the opportunity to give my time and services to an organization that has done so much for me. Through events like meat judging and quiz bowl competitions, AMSA has allowed me to come into contact with many friends from different universities, as well as industry leaders and potential employers. Student Board Members have always led by example; their approachability and friendliness encouraged me to try and follow in their footsteps. Therefore, it would be my privilege to provide the same leadership to younger members.

I believe I possess a number of qualifications that make me a great candidate for the Student Board. Through my involvement in AMSA facilitated events, I have developed a strong work ethic, dedication to this industry while learning how to mesh many different personalities to be a functional team. I have attended SLC and RMC in 2015 and 2016 while networking with industry officials and making many new friends. I was a team member of the 2015 National Champion Meat Judging Team, and a coach of the 2017 National Champion Meat Judging Team. I am currently coaching the 2018 Texas Tech Meat Judging Team to help my team reach their full potential, both with meat judging and with their personal development. Besides my knowledge of meat judging and the meat industry, one of my largest attributes as a coach and team member is my ability to facilitate different personalities to get along to make a strong team dynamic. The judging team requires a tremendous amount of time- both in practice and on the road at contests. I have consistently missed school periodically for judging since 2015 and have maintained an A-B average in class. I participated on the 2015 and 2016 Quiz Bowl team at RMC, and I currently coach the 2018 Quiz Bowl team. Our success requires frequent practicing and in-depth knowledge of meat science and the meat industry. While at Texas Tech, I’ve had the opportunity to assist in research projects for Merk, Teys-Australia, and USMARC. Through my research endeavors at Texas Tech, I have met industry leaders from around the world and broadened my understanding of meat science and the meat industry. All of my experiences in the meat science industry have been facilitated by AMSA, while developing my character that will allow me to be an effective leader able to work hard and merge people of many different personalities to create a successful team.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

AMSA membership has unlocked many doors for me. Through AMSA, I’ve had the opportunity to sharpen my communication and interview skills through student leadership conferences. The AMSA-sponsored judging contests have improved my critical thinking skills and introduced me to life-long friends and future co-workers. The competitive outlet that meat judging provides encouraged me to come to Texas University in the first place. My AMSA membership has facilitated the development of my future career in the meat science industry through the competitions and conferences I have participated in within the past four years. My AMSA membership has done so much for me and I hope by being a student board director, I can help others see all of the opportunities AMSA has to offer.

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