Cole Perkins


Texas Tech University
Advisor: Dr. Mark Miller

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

I have always admired the student board members during my time as an undergraduate. Through my participation in many AMSA activities, over the years, such as meat judging, RMC and SLC I have seen the impact that the student board members have on all of these activities. They are the leaders that guide the activities, that shape the future of every member of AMSA. This guidance, that the Student Board provides to students from all over the country, is key to the future of AMSA and the meat industry as every student touched will go on to be there own leader within the industry. This is why I want to be on the Student Board, is to help guide the future, not only of AMSA, but of the entire meat and food industry by working diligently to guide the student members of AMSA.

I know that I will be a great addition to the student board as I have had experience in all AMSA student activities and within my own university have taken leadership positions in many meat science activities. I have led our university Meat Science Association working to improve membership numbers and also to increase our activities as an organization, to raise awareness about the meat industry and the opportunities that it provides. Additionally, as a past Meat Science Quiz Bowl coach and a future Meat Judging Coach, I have had experience working with students and pushing them to be more active and take the opportunity to participate in any and all activities provided by AMSA. I know many great students will apply to be apart of the Student Board, to help guide the future of this fantastic organization, and I want to be one of those students. I have the experience within AMSA necessary and leadership skills required to be a successful member of the Student Board. 

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

Being an AMSA member means opportunities. AMSA has been a major part of my undergraduate program. I do not know where I would be without the experiences that it has provided. I have been able to compete with amazing people from all over the country, through meat judging and travel to areas I would have never seen before. My absolute greatest friends have come about because of my participation in AMSA sanctioned events. It has also provided me with a great number of opportunities in regards to industry experience, through meat judging, SLC and RMC. I have been able to experience different aspects of the industry and meet people from all areas. This experience has helped to guide me towards what my future career will be and has provided me with internship opportunities that have taught me even more about the industry. This was all because of my AMSA membership, and I know these opportunities will only continue to be available as I continue with my AMSA membership. These opportunities have made an amazing difference in my life and I want to work towards increasing and improving the opportunities through AMSA to allow future members to gain the benefits that I have had through my AMSA participation.

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