Erin Beyer


Texas Tech University
Advisor: Dr. Mark Miller

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

The American Meat Science Association has been a vital part of the student, leader and person I am today. By providing opportunities in meat judging and meat science quiz bowl and many networking opportunities through SLC and RMC, AMSA has shaped my career as a meat scientist. It would be a privilege to serve on the student board to give back to such an influential organization that has been so vital to my career and personal development. Due to my personal impact, I want to work to encourage other students to become involved with AMSA and the meat science industry, and this board would be a perfect opportunity. Additionally, AMSA is the most prestigious meat science organizations by hosting SLC, RMC and providing many outlets to further the knowledge of the industry through research and research posters. I will work very closely to the standards of AMSA for the rest of my career; therefore, working on the student board will allow me to prepare for my future in meat science in academia. I am passionate about this industry, and this leadership role will allow me to share my passion to allow other students to have a valuable membership with AMSA.

My passion for the meat industry, work ethics, team work and dedication to excellence will allow me to excel as a student board director. I plan to use the skills facilitated indirectly by AMSA to keep it the most prestigious meat science organization. Experiences like meat judging, meat science quiz bowl, and meat science research has developed a strong passion for the meat science industry while developing my work ethic, team work abilities and dedication to ensure my actions pursue excellence. However, coaching two meat judging teams has attributed the most to my work ethic and ability to work with others and motivate a large number of students to also pursue excellence even in very early hours of the morning. Additionally, other outside organizations like Texas Tech University’s President Select have also attributed to developing my ability to effectively work with others from many different backgrounds and working styles. Overall, my personal attributes have been developed through this organization and will allow me to now effectively lead this organization to hopefully allow other students like myself to find career and personal development.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

Being a member of the AMSA is a privilege by providing an outlet to further my career as a meat scientist with research and coaching competitive teams. When I became an AMSA member by default in 2015, I couldn’t imagine the impact this organization and industry would play on my life and career. Since then, I have switched career paths from food science focusing on food chemistry to meat science focusing on meat chemistry, and biochemistry. Through my AMSA membership, I have had the opportunity to compete nationally in many events, grow my knowledge of the meat science industry and network with industry leaders at SLC and RMC. Having the opportunity to attend both SLC and RMC several times has not only allowed for networking, but also allowed me to grow my knowledge of this industry enormously. I have learned current trends and new aspects of this industry at each RMC I have attended. I am very excited to attend this year to not only learn and present my research poster, but to also network with other universities to determine the university where I should work towards a PhD. AMSA membership allows for multifaceted learning opportunities for all its members and is a valuable tool for all meat scientists.

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