Madison Wynne

South Madison Wynne 2020 

Texas A&M University - Commerce
Coach: Haley Cole

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

 After joining the meat judging team at Texas A&M Commerce, I have been introduced to an abundant amount of information about our meat industry. As a future agriculture educator, I want to be able to promote every aspect of the agriculture field, especially meat science. There is a lack of knowledge about what goes into the production of our food nowadays and I want to be able to promote this industry and put it in a positive light. I want to strengthen my knowledge and skills through this leadership position on the AMSA student board of directors so that I may become a meat science advocate within my community. Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience and skills in communication, leading diverse groups, teamwork, and organizing through my participation in the FFA in high school as an officer and competitor, traveling around Texas with our college’s ag ambassador team, and have even shown with our university livestock show team. With my diverse set of skills and applicable experiences, I am uniquely qualified to serve in this position. I am confident in my abilities that will allow me to assist future meat judgers in the pursuit of their passions. Moreover, I have a deep desire to learn more about this
critical industry in today's world. I want to utilize the chance to make a difference within the AMSA and I know that with me as a South Region Director, I can become a strong voice for everyone, young and old, to make a change for the betterment of the association.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

My membership to the American Meat Science Association means that I have access to new relationships and connections with people all over the world. Additionally, it has provided me access to new information and materials about the meat industry. Just by joining this year, I have made strong connections with competitive judging teams from Australia, Honduras, and multiple others across the United States. Through meeting these individuals and having the opportunity to connect with them on both a professional and personal level, I was provided with insight into their industries. There are many relationships I have built with people in this organization, and it is truly amazing to know that I have like-minded people that can understand anything related to meat judging. When they mentioned at our season’s first banquet that AMSA was an extended family between universities and teams across the country, they were not kidding. This membership has brought new connections for me and has even allowed me to gain another family within my teammates that no other organization has done for me.

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