Travis Tilton

South Travis Tilton 2020 

West Texas A&M University
Advisors: Dr. Loni Lucherk

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

During my four years at Texas Tech, I was blessed with the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety
of AMSA activities including Meat Judging, Meat Science Quiz Bowl, the Reciprocal Meat Conference and the Student Leadership Conference. All of those events have given me firsthand experience on the
AMSA student board of directors’ purpose and importance. As an AMSA Student Board member, I hope
to continue to make an impact growing the involvement of students with one another but equally as
important the possibilities to interact with their future employers. My time as an undergrad has opened
doors to lead me to an 8-week internship in Australia in the summer of 2017 with Teys Australia, a Cargill Joint Venture. I have also attended meat industry conferences in California and Kansas to learn from scientists and manufacturers who produce protein for not only the nation but also the globe. During my time as a Meat Science major, I have begun to understand the importance of everything that happens after livestock leave the pasture including different handling techniques, nutritional and health requirements, food handling and safety, as well as the marketing aspect. Having such a strong connection to the way cattle are raised and now pursuing a career in how beef is marketed I have found what I believe to be my calling in life. This fall I will be pursuing a master's degree at West Texas A&M under Dr. Loni Lucherk. I believe my enthusiasm and understanding for the industry will give me the knowledge needed to help connect students with future graduate school prospects, mentors, and employers. Additionally, my time on the Texas Tech Meat Judging Team, Livestock Judging Team, Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team and my future plans to help coach these teams at West Texas A&M have prepared me to work alongside people with different backgrounds in the four different regions AMSA.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

Although I have a strong devotion for agriculture and protein production, before selecting Meat Science
as my degree plan upon arrival at Texas Tech, I had little understanding of what the term meant. I believe I am extremely fortunate for the people and experiences that have been part of my meat science family the last four years, and a large part of my involvement is due to time on the Meat Judging and Meat Science Quiz bowl teams. They not only afforded me a free membership to the American Meat Science Association but also exposed me to the depth of this organizations impact. AMSA has become indispensable for the industry in terms of connecting people with careers, in both industry and academia. On top of the career opportunities, AMSA has become one of my major news sources not only through their twitter but also introducing me to their press partners. Maybe the greatest AMSA memory of all however, would be receiving the Rachel Hamilton Spirit Award from both AMSA and my teammates 2018. My membership has rewarded me with one of my fondest memories and a lifelong knowledge of understanding. It would be my hope as an AMSA Student Board member to work towards presenting similar experiences to others.

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