Tyler Thompson

West Tyler Thompson 2020

Colorado State University
Advisor: Dr. Mahesh Nair

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

I would like to be a part of the AMSA Student board so I can promote the AMSA and help others reap the benefits that the AMSA has to offer. I believe I have grown both professionally and personally as a result of the encouragement of past ASMA members pushing me out of my comfort zone, as well as providing lifelong mentorships. I believe my past experiences make me a great candidate to pay this kindness forward by promoting the AMSA and encouraging other upcoming students. I strongly believe that AMSA plays an important and critical role in bringing students and professionals together to provide professional training, share research, foster community, and provide overall collaboration. Since my future career depends on the success of the meat science industry, as the West Regional Director, I would use my knowledge and past experiences to represent student interests and promote student growth. I look forward to using my leadership skills and knowledge to help current student access the opportunities of academic and industry connections that the AMSA has to offer. In short, I am excited to get the opportunity to help other students by allowing them to know about the opportunities available through the AMSA, just as past members helped me.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

My AMSA membership has enabled me to obtain access the top individuals within the meat industry, make life-long connections outside of my immediate circle, and stay informed about current events. With this membership I have been able to participate in AMSA sponsored events such as quiz bowl and the reciprocal meat conference that have allowed me to push outside of my comfort zone and interact with people who I otherwise would not have. With these activities, I have been able to interact and build  friendships with colleges that I otherwise would not have been able to meet and collaborate with industry
contacts. As my future plans is to remain in the academic world to teach and conduct research, I foresee my AMSA membership continuing for many years and being a very important part of my professional career in the meat science.

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