Jessica Brown

President Jessica Brown 2020


Graduate Student 
University of Florida 
Advisor: Dr. Jason Scheffler

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

Members of the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors work diligently year-round to provide students with the best membership experience possible. Serving on the Student Board of Directors this past year has allowed me to take part in the future planning of this growing organization. Our membership demographic and industry needs are constantly evolving. Therefore, as an organization it is our responsibility to adapt to these changing needs in order to best serve our membership. I made the decision to run for a director position on the AMSA student board to help provide other students with the same opportunities I had. Through my involvement in AMSA sponsored events, I’ve had the opportunity to make connection with students and professionals from across the country, creating a network that will be invaluable in my future career. As a Student Board, I feel strongly that it important for us to not only continue to improve the membership experience for current members, but also encourage potential new student members to get involved in AMSA.

As a graduate and undergraduate student at University of Florida, I had the opportunity to serve as an assistant coach for the Meat Judging Team. This position allowed me to gain management skills and practice my communication skills when interacting with industry professionals and the curious public. As a graduate student, I am responsible for managing six undergraduate research assistants in my lab. Through this experience I have learned the value of good communication, collaboration, and delegation skills. I feel that my management, communication, and networking experiences will benefit me as President of the AMSA student board when facilitating communication and collaboration among board members and with the student and professional membership.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

Being a part of AMSA is both a privilege and a responsibility. As a member of AMSA you are part of a long-standing organization with a rich history and a vast number of members from all types of backgrounds. I believe the culture of AMSA is really what separates this organization apart from many others. As a student, the ability to talk to members who have been in the industry or academia for 20 plus year and hear their stories is remarkable. In my time as a member of AMSA I have learned the importance of utilizing these resources and generating a network of individuals throughout the industry. Through my AMSA membership, I have found a network of not only colleagues but friends living all across the country. It is important to remember that being a member of AMSA also comes with responsibility. Our members hold themselves to a higher standard as they are a representative, to the world, of what this organization is about and what we stand for. It is more important than ever that we properly represent the meats industry and display all of the great things we are doing to improve the food supply and the lives of consumers.

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