Laura Yoder

President Laura Yoder 2020 

Graduate Student
Auburn University
Advisor: Dr. Jason Sawyer

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Why do you want to be on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors and what qualifications make you the best candidate for the position?

From my experience with the AMSA Student Board of Directors at my first Student Leadership Conference in 2016, I will always remember the students’ dedication and genuine enthusiasm for the meat industry and the students apart of the AMSA. The student board of directors are a driven group stemming from all over the country that come together to cultivate an interest within the meat industry by providing educational and networking opportunities. I believe my passion for meat science, diverse knowledge and experiences within the agriculture sector, along with my servant leadership qualities will help propel me as a candidate as President of the Student Board. Development and innovation have always been a priority of mine. If I am able to obtain the position as president of the student board, I will utilize my empathetic nature and my commitment to the growth of others to benefit this organization.

What does your AMSA membership mean to you?

As a member of the 2016 Iowa State University meat judging team, I gained membership of the American Meat Science Association. During that year I was fortunate to experience the benefits of being a member of AMSA by attending the Student Leadership Conference and then later the Reciprocal Meat Conference. By continuing to attend these events over the years, I have created the foundation to build countless relationships with fellow students and professionals that have helped mold me into who I am today. As the AMSA Youth Programs Intern last fall, I gained a sense of how limitless the membership of the AMSA is. By working with students and professionals, I found that many have humbling beginnings and meat judging was used as a tool to shape the person and professional they are now in the meat industry. By working alongside the staff of the AMSA, my internship allowed me to see the inner facets of the organization and the importance of each member. As serving as an At-Large Director of the 2019-2020 AMSA Student Board of Directors I have had the opportunity to expand my connections with students and professionals across the nation and see how the AMSA can bring together people of many different backgrounds.

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