Nomination Testimonials

Current and Past Student Board members attest to the importance of the serving on the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors

Becoming part of the AMSA Student Board of Directors will provide an opportunity not only to become more involved in AMSA but also to refine your leadership and communication skills, make lasting connections and most importantly, have fun doing what you enjoy! See what some past AMSA Student Board Directors had to say....

  • Serving on the AMSA Student Board of Directors during a global pandemic has been an unforgettable opportunity. Becoming a Student Board Director while our world was learning to pivot, was certainly a challenge in the best way possible. Not only was I able to network with current industry leaders, but we were also able to expand our networking, meeting with students, mentors and leaders from new universities and companies.  Being a part of the AMSA Student Board of Directors has allowed me to gain a new perspective of what goes on behind the scenes to make all the activities happen for RMC and other AMSA events. The connections made and experiences gained through this experience are amazing opportunities. I encourage all interested to apply for a student board position and become involved.- Meghan Clancy, Texas Tech University

  • Being a part of the AMSA Student Board of Directors was the best opportunity I had while I was in graduate school and it opened many doors within the industry! Even with the pandemic, the amount of connections I made with current industry professionals and future industry leaders were endless. I am able to use these connections every day in my career. If you have ever thought about applying to the student board, I encourage you to do it! You will not regret it! - Morgan McKinney, Smithfield Foods

  • I can confidently say that joining the AMSA Student Board of Directors was one of the best decisions I have made for my professional career. The networking opportunities are unmatched, even during a global pandemic with virtual meetings I have had numerous opportunities to interact with students, industry professionals, and academic leaders from across the country. In addition to the vast networking opportunities, I am most grateful for the opportunity to strengthen my leadership, management, and communication skills. Involvement in student board allows you to practice and refine these interpersonal skills alongside other student leaders and professional mentors. This experience has been incredible, and I highly recommend it to any student looking to get more involved! - Jessica Brown, University of Florida
  • Being a part of the AMSA student board for two years has afforded me the opportunity to interact with and be influenced by countless peers from across the country. Not only have I strengthened my connections with future industry leaders, I have also broadened my network with current industry professionals through RMC activities. I cannot quantify the numerous and unique opportunities associated with being a student leader in AMSA and I highly encourage those interested to apply for a student board position!  - Chandler Steele, AMSA Student Board Past President

  • Serving on the AMSA Student Board of Directors I had an unbelievable opportunity to interact with even more students, industry professionals and academic leaders. These connections made have developed in to internships, mentorship and lifelong friends. Being a part of the AMSA Student Board of Directors truly was an eye-opening experience and allowed me to see what all was out there in this amazing industry. Apply for AMSA Student Board, I promise you will not regret it!! - Drew Cassens, Tarleton State University

  • Serving on the AMSA Student Board of Directors was without question one of the best opportunities I had during graduate school. As a member of the board the connection you make are second to none. The AMSA staff is amazing and served as mentors during my time in the board and today. Finally, the other students I worked with became some of my very best friends! I encourage every student to apply for the student board and become involved! - Morgan Pfeiffer, American Meat Science Association
  • Being a part of the AMSA Student Board was an integral part of my further development in the meat science industry. Throughout my year of being on the board I was able to create connections and develop leadership skills that I use daily in my career. Getting to know so many individuals from different universities and companies was truly an eye-opening experience to what all was out there in terms of career paths and potential goals for myself to obtain. - Tanner Adams, JBS USA Food Company

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