Meat Science Faculty

Keith E. Belk, Ph.D., Professor

Focus Area: Red meat safety & quality, live animal development, international trade, quality management.
(970) 491-5826

Robert Delmore, Ph.D., Professor

Focus Area: Meat processing and food safety.
(970) 491-7093 

Jennifer Martin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Focus Area: systems-based approach to meat safety and quality.  She intends to explore the complex, interwoven, and ever-evolving pathways that influence the production of safe, sustainable, and high quality meat.


Mahesh N. Nair, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Focus Area: Meat quality; meat biochemistry; proteomics.
(970) 491-5622

John N. Sofos, Ph.D., University Distinguished Professor

Focus Area: Meat microbiology; preservation; food safety. 
(970) 491-7703       

Hua Yang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Focus Area: Food safety, rapid diagnostics, and molecular microbiology.
(970) 491-8272 

Faculty members associated with the program

Temple Grandin, Ifigenia Geornaras (Pathogen Reduction Laboratory Director), Gary Smith (emeritus), Patricia Kendall (Affiliate Faculty), Dustin Pendell (Affiliate Faculty), Marisa Bunning (Affiliate Faculty)

Non-CSU Faculty Affiliates

Michael Aaronson (IEH Laboratory), David B. Anderson (retired, formerly Eli Lilly & Company), Phillip Bass (Certified Angus Beef), Rodney Bowling (AgriFood Solutions International), Paul Clayton (U.S. Meat Export Federation), Lynn Delmore (Food Safety Consultant), Skip Lawrence (USDA, APHIS), Marshall Douglas (Eurofins Scientific Inc.), John Paterson (National Cattleman’s Beef Association), Richard Raymond (former USDA Undersecretary, Food Safety), Elaine Scallan (Colorado School of Public Health), John A. Scanga (Elanco Animal Health), Jimmy J. Wise (USDA-AMS Retired)

Department of Animal Science webpage: http://www.ansci.colostate.edu/index.html

Contact Person

Monica Thrasher
Administrative Assistant
Department of Animal Sciences 
Campus Delivery 1171 
Colorado State University 
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1171 
Tel. (970) 491-1164 
Email: Monica.Thrasher@ColoState.edu  

Meat Science Research at Colorado State

The Program in Meat Science at Colorado State University conducts and publishes applied industry research addressing significant and timely issues related to the global competitiveness of red meats, including red meat safety and product quality, and efforts to export more red meat products to international markets. Results and conclusions of these projects are beneficial to the red meat industry, consumers and regulatory agencies in the United States and around the world. Much of the technology developed through these efforts has a great impact on the safety and quality of US red meat products and, as a result, has been implemented extensively by companies in Colorado and across the US Some examples of technologies resulting from this research program that have had the greatest impact and that have been implemented across the red meat industry include: (a) Total Quality Management systems to improve the palatability of fresh beef, (b) instrument grading technology to effectively sort beef carcasses on the basis of projected carcass yields and eating quality, (c) Multiple Hurdles decontamination systems for improving safety of red meat, (d) decontamination technologies for beef and pork variety meats with emphasis on those exported to foreign countries, (e) management systems to reduce the incidence of dark cutting beef carcasses, (f) Beef Quality Assurance verification programs within Colorado and nationwide, and (g) dietary supplementation of feeder cattle with alpha-tocopheryl acetate to improve retail display life of fresh beef. Additionally, the Meat Science Program has been instrumental in developing quantitative information for use by meat packers and processors as they implement and maintain HACCP Plans.

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