Meat Science Faculty

Dr. Mark Miller

Focus Area: Meat quality, consumer sensory, food safety

Dr. Chance Brooks

Focus Area: Meat packaging and shelf life, meat quality, food safety

Dr. Brad Johnson

Focus Area: Growth and development of major tissues, how steroidal implants will impact the overall palatability and quality of a carcass

Dr. Mindy Brashears

Focus Area: Food microbiology (pre- and post-harvest interventions)

(All faculty are accepting applications from qualified individuals interested in MS or PhD programs at Texas Tech University)

Contact Person

Dr. Chance Brooks
Texas Tech University
Department of Animal and Food Sciences
Box 42141
Lubbock, TX 79409-2141
806-742-2804 (office)
806-742-4003 (fax)
Email: chance.brooks@ttu.edu

Other Resources

Meat Science Section website: http://www.meatscience.ttu.edu/

Graduate Program website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/prospect.php

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