Meat Science Faculty

Lynn Knipe, Associate Professor and Extension Processed Meats Specialist

Focus Area: Various processed meat extension activities for the Ohio meat industry, HACCP, pork quality, food safety and shelf life, as well as maximizing the functionality of high-collagen meat raw materials.

Paul Kuber, Assistant Professor

Focus Area: Youth development in animal science based youth projects, fresh and processed meat quality, concumer perception and preference, as well as product development.

Herbert Ockerman, Professor

Focus Area: Biochemistry, microbiology, processing and quality, food safety and shelf life, and economics of muscle tissue from slaughter to consumption in all species.

Sandra Velleman, Professor

Focus Area: Growth and Development in Poultry

Macdonald Wick, Associate Professor

Focus Area: Improving meat animal production through protein structure/function analyses employing electrophoretic, image, mass spectrometric and immunochemical analyses.

Henry Zerby, Assistant Professor

Focus Area: Carcass and meat product quality resulting from different live animal production and management strategies, specifically enhancing taste and tenderness in whole muscle meat products.

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Meat Science website: http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~meatsci/

Animal Science Graduate Student website:http://www.ag.ohiostate.edu/~ansci/students_grad.html

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