Meat Judging Results

2014 Eastern National

The Eastern National Meat Judging Contest was held October 18, 2014 at Cargill Regional Beef in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania.  In total, 89 contestants from 12 universities participated in the contest.   

Senior Division

Eastern High Individual (2)

Top Individuals 

  1. Brandt Mortensen, University of Wyoming (1052)
  2. Jesse Birney, Kansas State University (1048)
  3. Matthew Murdoch, Angelo State University (1044)
  4. Scott Anderson, University of Wyoming (1042)
  5. Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University (1039)
  6. Danielle Freeman, Angelo State University (1038)
  7. Zachary Grimsley, Texas Tech University (1036)
  8. Baylee Bessire, Texas A&M University (1031)
  9. Cassidy Smith, University of Wyoming (1030)
  10. Jacqueline Ponce, Colorado State University (1029

Top Teams

  1. University of Wyoming, (4140)
  2. Oklahoma State University, (4096)
  3. Texas Tech University, (4095)
  4. Angelo State University, (4095)
  5. Colorado State University, (4094)

University of Wyoming
eastern2014 105

Indivdual Division Awards

Beef Grading - Matthew Murdoch, Angelo State University, (277) 
Lamb Judging - Katie Austin, Angelo State University, (143)  
Pork Judging - Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University, (282)  
Beef Judging - Jesse Birney, Kansas State University, (294)   
Specifications - Danielle Freeman, Angelo State University, (100) 
Total Beef - Matthew Murdoch, Angelo State University, (557)    
Total Placings - Katie Austin, Angelo State University, (488)  
Total Reasons - Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University, (219)  
Alternate Contest - Lindsey Drey, Texas Tech University, (832)

Team Division Awards

Beef Grading - Colorado State University, (1044)  
Lamb Judging - Angelo State University, (521)  
Pork Judging - 
University of Missouri, (1088) 
Beef Judging - Kansas State University, (1147)  
Specifications - University of Wyoming, (381) 
Total Beef - Colorado State University, (2165)  
Total Placings - University of Wyoming, (1899)  
Total Reasons -Kansas State University, (836) 

Official Committee

Chad Carr, University of Florida - Chair
Casey Mabry, Cargill Meat Solutions- Beef Carcasses
Laura Knighton, Sealed Air- Cryovac- Beef Cuts
Scott Howard, Cargill Meat Solutions - Pork Carcasses
Melissa Miller, University of Georgia - Pork Cuts 
Henry Ruiz, Sealed Air- Cryovac- Lamb Carcasses 

Darrell Dowd, USDA AMS, LPS GV - Grading and Specifications  

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