The International Meat Judging Contest was held November 18, 2012 at Tyson Foods in Dakota City, Nebraska. In total, 99 contestants from 16 universities participated in the contest.  

Senior Division

Top Individuals  

  1. Bo Hutto, Texas Tech University, (1061)2012InternationalHT (2)
  2. Valerie Manning, Texas Tech University, (1050)
  3. Brandy Cleveland, Kansas State University, (1047)
  4. Thomas Buckham, Kansas State University, (1036)
  5. Colton Christian, Texas Tech University, (1031)
  6. Morgan Neilson, Oklahoma State University, (1026) 
  7. Sara Sieren, Iowa State University, (1022)
  8. Devin Gredell, Oklahoma State University, (1022)
  9. Kelsey Steketee, Michigan State University, (1020) 
  10. William Haas, University of Illinois, (1019) 

Top Teams

  1. Texas Tech University, (4152)
  2. Kansas State University, (4102)
  3. Oklahoma State University, (4059)
  4. Michigan State University, (4007)
  5. Angelo State University, (4002)

Texas Tech University
2012InternationalHT (1)

 Individual Division Results

Beef Grading - Brandy Cleveland, Kansas State University (261)
Lamb Judging - Keith Gauth, South Dakota State University (145)
Pork Judging - Kelsey Steketee, Michigan State University (287)
Beef Judging - Nolan Hildebrand, Oklahoma State University (286)
Specifications - Brandy Cleveland, Kansas State University (100)
Total Beef - Bo Hutto, Texas Tech University (540)
Total Placings - Lauren Kill, South Dakota State University (493)
Total Reasons - Valerie Manning, Texas Tech University (218)
Alternate Contest - Heather Rode, Texas Tech University (839)

Team Division Results

Beef Grading - Kansas State University (998)
Lamb Judging - Texas Tech University (567)
Pork Judging - Texas Tech University (1120)
Beef Judging - Texas Tech University (1103)
Specifications - Texas Tech University (391)
Total Beef - Kansas State University (2077)
Total Placings - Texas Tech University (1944)
Total Reasons - Texas Tech University (846)

Official Committee

John Unruh, Kansas State University - Chairman
Dale Woerner, Colorado State University- Beef Carcasses
Tom Carr, University of Illinois (Retired)- Beef Cuts
Keith Underwood, South Dakota State University - Pork Carcasses
Ian Shann, Tyson Food, Inc. - Pork Cuts
Dan Hale, Texas A&M University - Lamb Carcasses
Darrell Dowd, USDA AMS - Grading and Specifications

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