Meat Judging Results

2014 International

The International Meat Judging Contest was held November 16, 2014 at Tyson Foods in Dakota City, Nebraska. In total, 108 contestants from 16 universities participated in the contest.  

Senior Division

Top Individuals   SR High Individual

  1. Emery Kunze, Texas A&M University, (1061) 
  2. Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University, (1058)
  3. Audrey Zoeller, Oklahoma State University, (1057)
  4. Breanna Branderhorst, Iowa State University, (1049)
  5. Brenna Klauer, Colorado State University, (1042)
  6. Brandt Mortensen, University of Wyoming, (1041) 
  7. Cassidy Smith, University of Wyoming, (1040)
  8. Jeremy Garcia, Texas Tech University, (1039)
  9. Mary Kline, Kansas State University, (1038) 
  10. Jacqueline Ponce, Colorado State University, (1037) 

Top Teams

  1. Oklahoma State University, (4177)
  2. Texas A&M University, (4155)
  3. Kansas State University, (4098)
  4. Colorado State University, (4076)
  5. Texas Tech University, (4074)

Oklahoma State University
SR High Team

Individual Division Results

Beef Grading - Breanna Branderhorst, Iowa State University (266)
Lamb Judging - Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University (143)
Pork Judging - Emery Kunze, Texas A&M University (285)
Beef Judging - Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University (287)
Specifications - Emery Kunze, Texas A&M University (100)
Total Beef - Jessie Heidlage, Oklahoma State University (545)
Total Placings - Eli Stalker, Kansas State University (494)
Total Reasons - Jacqueline Ponce, Colorado State University (219)
Alternate Contest - Carl Clawson, Kansas State University (844)

Team Division Results

Beef Grading - Kansas State University (1045)
Lamb Judging - Oklahoma State University (560)
Pork Judging - Oklahoma State University (1113)
Beef Judging - Oklahoma State University (1113)
Specifications - Texas A&M University (387)
Total Beef - Oklahoma State University (2147)
Total Placings - Oklahoma State University (1947)
Total Reasons - Oklahoma State University (839)

Official Committee

    Jimmy Wise, USDA/AMSA (Retired)- Chairman
    John Scanga, Elanco Animal Health- Beef Carcasses
    Davey Griffin, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension- Beef Cuts
    Tom Carr, University of Illinois (Retired)- Pork Carcasses
    Collin Corbin, Tyson Foods - Pork Cuts
    Clint Alexander, Garden City Community College - Lamb Carcasses
    Darrell Dowd, USDA AMS - Grading and Specifications

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