Rachel Strode Hamilton served the American Meat Science Association as Program Director of Intercollegiate Meats Judging from July 2000 until her untimely death.  Rachel earned a B.S. degree in animal sciences from the University of Illinois in May 1998. While an undergraduate, she was a member of the 1997 Meats Judging Team and the 1998 Meat Animal Evaluation Team. She completed a Masters degree in meat science from the U of I in May 2000, married Dan Hamilton in June, and immediately went to work for AMSA.

The Rachel Hamilton Memorial “Spirit” award was established to honor a member of each team selected by their peers whose winning approach exemplifies Rachel’s love of meats judging and makes them the teammate we all want to have. Rachel was extremely proud of her meats judging experience. She always strove to do her best, and her infectious attitude and dedication brought out the best in her teammates. Rachel was a very energetic, enthusiastic young woman with an infectious smile. Rachel, the eternal optimist, was a very compassionate, outgoing, kind individual who looked for the good in others. Her attitude, her ability to laugh, her work ethic, her loyalty, and her love of family and God are attributes she possessed and lived and left for us to emulate. Knowing Rachel made each of us a better person.

2008 A-Division Spirit Award


The 2008 Hamilton "Spirit" Awards for the A-Division were announced at the Cargill Meat Solutions High Plains Contest on November 2 , 2008. Those students receiving this award included: Britney Holden (Garden City Community College), Stephanie Pogue (Coffeyville Community College), Amy Sauceda (Western Texas College), Jeralyn Stephens (Tarleton State University), Cody Kelly (Fort Scott Community College), Kasey Kinney (Clarendon College) and Levi Arnett (Allen County Community College) not pictured.

2008 Senior Division Spirit Award


The 2008 Hamilton "Spirit" Awards for the Senior Division were announced at the International Contest, held on November 16, 2008. Those students that were selected by their peers to receive this award included: Jeremy Blach (Colorado State University), Garrett Skaar (Iowa State University), Lauren Weber (Kansas State University), Adam Christiansen (North Dakota State University), Lacey Vedral (Oklahoma State University), Tyler Urban (South Dakota State University), Audrey Shimek (Texas A&M University), Shanna Ward (Texas Tech University), Mathew Bennett (The Ohio State University), Adam Spann (University of Florida), Mindy Briscoe (University of Missouri), Derek Schroeder (University of Nebraska) and Garrett Horton (University of Wyoming).

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