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AMSA Announces Results from the 2015 Southeastern Meat Judging Contest

Apr 15, 2015

Top Individuals: 1. Carl Frame, Iowa State University; 2. JoonBum Lee, Ohio State University; 3. Breanna Saso, Iowa State University; 4. Megan Valentine, Iowa State University; 5. Brianna Swartzfager, University of Florida; 6. Alex Conover, Iowa State University; 7. Victoria Kidder, University of Florida; 8. Jaden Carlson, North Dakota State University; 9. Regan Sippy, Iowa State University; 10. Leah Hawkins, North Dakota State.

Top Five Teams: 1. Iowa State University Cardinal; 2. University of Florida; 3. North Dakota State University; 4. Iowa State University Gold; 5. The Ohio State University Gray.



Dr. Henry Zerby (Ohio State University), Diana Clark (Certified Angus Beef), and Dr. Daniel Clark (Ohio State University) served as officials of the beef portion of the contest in Ohio.  Dr. Gregg Rentfrow (University of Kentucky), Dr. Stacy Scramlin-Zuelly (South Dakota State University), LeeAnn Slaughter (University of Kentucky), and Clint Walenciak (Certified Angus Beef) served as officials of the Kentucky portion of the contest. 

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