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Opportunity to Promote Internships to AMSA Student Members

Sep 18, 2015

Opportunity to Promote Internships to AMSA Student Members
Bo Hutto, AMSA Student Board President

In an effort to more effectively promote internships available to AMSA student members, the AMSA Student Board of Directors is offering a special opportunity to promote your company's internships. All internships that are uploaded to the AMSA Career Center by October 9th will be included in a special "Internship Opportunities" newsletter that will be sent out to the AMSA student membership the following week. This newsletter will be a great way to promote internships to the AMSA student membership. In order to take advantage of this special opportunity, visit the AMSA Career Center to upload your company's internship information by October 9th. The cost to list an internship is $75 per listing. Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Sustaining Partners receive a 25% discount on all postings. If you are a sustaining partner and currently do not have your discount code please contact Jen Persons. All postings will be featured on the AMSA Twitter and Facebook feeds. All listings will remain on the AMSA Career Center for 30 days after they are initially listed. A newsletter will be compiled on October 12th listing all of the internships that are posted on the AMSA Career Center and will be sent out to the AMSA membership, including over 800 students, on October 13th. If you have any questions about the newsletter please contact Bo Hutto or have questions regarding the AMSA Career Center please contact Jen Persons.

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