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AMSA Announces Student Scholarship Awards

Apr 12, 2016

Congratulations to Benjamin Bohrer, the 2016 Donald Kinsman International Award winner. Ben is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Illinois under Dr. Dustin Boler.  He plans to use the award to help fund research that will take place in the Dominican Republic this summer. Ben will receive a cash award of $1250 as well as a complementary membership to AMSA for the following year.

Dr. Donald Kinsman was a long-time AMSA member whose work in meat science research and commitment to international opportunities for students set him apart from his peers. The objective of this program is to honor the memory and achievements of Dr. Kinsman and promote international collaboration by recognizing an outstanding student member with a financial award in support of international travel.

Congratulations to Loni Woolley-Lucherk, the new Robert Cassens Scholar Award. Loni is currently pursuing her PhD at Texas Tech University under Dr. Mark Miller. She plans to use the award to attend the International Congress of Meat Science & Technology Conference this summer in Bangkok, Thailand. Loni will receive a cash award of $1250. 

Dr. Robert Cassens is a long-time AMSA member and a leader in the meat science community during his distinguished career at the University of Wisconsin. The Robert Cassens Mentor Recognition Fund was established to support PhD students in completing and communicating their research and establishing professional networks that will sustain their meat science careers.


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