2003 RMC Meat Judging Clinic

Placings Concepts and Questions & Reasons Evaluation

2003 Reciprocal Meat Conference- University of Missouri

Saturday, June 14, 2003

145 William C. Stringer Wing


Beef Carcasses - Duane Wulf, South Dakota State University

Beef Ribs - Gretchen Hilton, Angelo State University

Beef Short Loins - Brad Morgan, Oklahoma State University

Questions on Beef Classes - Clint Alexander, Garden City Community College

Pork Carcasses - Tom Carr, University of Illinois

Fresh Hams - John Unruh, Kansas State University

Pork Loins - Jodie Pitcock, USDA

Questions on Pork Classes- Stephen Pottorff, Barton County Community College

Lamb Carcasses - Benjy Mikel, University of Kentucky

Questions on Lamb Classes - Mike Beene, Fort Scott Community College

Specifications- Interpretation and Discussion- Jimmy Wise, USDA and Eddie Behrends, Colorado State University

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