Virtual 4-H and FFA Meat Judging Events


To register for the virtual clinics/ contests:

Click here to register!

Registration Fee: $100 per participant

Registration Fee Includes: 4 Contest Registrations and  Electronic Scantrons


 Contest Eligibility:

  1. Participants should be in 3rd-12th grade.
  2. Participating in any of these contests does not impact eligibility for the in person National 4-H Contest.

AMSA is excited to be hosting a variety of virtual meat judging opportunities to include clinics, contests, and more!  The American Meat Science Association Community Platform will be used to facilitate these opportunities.

2022 Virtual Youth Meat Judging Spring Series

As AMSA explores opportunities to attract, develop, and connect meat science talent AMSA will be hosting our virtual meat judging contest series (4 virtual meat judging contests) targeted to youth (3rd-12th grade, 4-H, FFA students, etc.).  Participants will compete in divisions based on their current grade: Youth (3rd-7th grade) and Senior Division (8th-12th grade).  Divisions will be based on the grade the student is currently enrolled in the academic year.  The contest will consist of 6 placing classes, 2 questions classes, quality grading (6) and 40 Retail Identification.  Participants will register via the

Contest Dates 

  • March 16-18, 2022
  • March 30- April 1, 2022
  • April 13-15, 2022
  • April 27-29,2022

Contests will be open for 48 hrs and the participant must complete the contest and submit the electronic scantron within the contest time allotment.  Additional contest guidelines will be posted in the AMSA community platform in which the contests will be facilitated.  


Contests will be scored and results will be posted to  All results across categories will be posted, but points will be earned on the overall ranking only.  

Count top 3 contest rank finishes.  Students placing 1 through 20 will receive rank points.  For example, 1st place will receive 20 points, 2nd = 19 points, etc.  The students will the five highest point totals will be eligible for awards.


Youth Division- Top five students receive awards

  • 1st- $500 scholarship, 2nd- $250, 3rd- $100, 4th- $100, 5th- $50; Top 5 receive a complimentary AMSA Youth Membership

Senior Division- Top five students receive awards

  • 1st- 1,500 scholarship, 2nd- $1,000 scholarship, 3rd- $750 scholarship, 4th- $500 scholarship, 5th- $250 scholarship; Top 5 receive a complimentary AMSA Youth Membership