Robert Cassens Mentor Scholar Award

  • Dr. Robert Cassens was a long-time AMSA member and a leader in the meat science community during his distinguished career at the University of Wisconsin. The Robert Cassens Mentor Scholar Award is a non-tuition scholarship intended to: 1) support the efforts of PhD-level graduate students in completing research or communicating their research results at national or international conferences like RMC or ICoMST, and/or: 2) to travel domestically/internationally to engage in collaborative meat science research or access equipment/techniques unavailable on their campus.  The overall goal is to advance PhD student research and assist in establishing contacts important to their career. 
  • Interested students who are members or are becoming members of AMSA are encouraged to apply.  Competitive applicants will be PhD students who have: (1) completed at least two years of graduate study, an M.S. degree, or its equivalent on research using fundamental approaches to advance the biochemical understanding of muscle, fresh and/or processed meats, and (2) are advancing their research agenda beyond their home campus, or who are presenting their research at a national or international meeting.
Nature of the award
  • One award will be presented in 2024. The award consists of a cash payment of $1,500. The recipient will also be required to provide a follow-up report that details how the funds were used and their experiences.
What do you need to have to apply?
  1. Cover Letter- The student shall write a cover letter describing his/her interest in meat science, possible career choice, and the purpose for applying for the scholarship(s). This should include details regarding: Need of financial support and Reasons for attending the conference, etc.
  2. Resume-The resumé will be evaluated on the basis of its suitability to accompany a job application in the meat and food industry.
  3. Student Unofficial Transcript
  4. Any additional items (if applicable)
Submitting Application

Students must apply to each scholarship individually, to ensure students are eligible for the specific award.

Application materials should be combined into one PDF file titled "Name of Nominee_Name of Scholarship", which should also be included in the email subject line. Applications will be submitted to Joanna Hardcastle at


If you have questions or need additional information on the program, contact Joanna Hardcastle at