Goals - 3 to 5 Years

Goal #1 – Professional Development

AMSA student membership will continue to improve professional development and leadership opportunities for members.

Goal #2 – Outreach

AMSA student membership will provide resources to universities, schools and local communities to promote the benefits of AMSA membership as well as opportunities in the animal, food and allied industries

Goal #3 – Membership and Participation

AMSA’s student membership will continue to increase in numbers, diversity and participation.

Goal #4 – Networking

AMSA student membership will continue to facilitate networking opportunities among members.

Goal #5 – Membership Awareness

AMSA student membership will continue to promote and explore opportunities, domestically and abroad, for increasing awareness of the benefits of AMSA membership.

Goal #6 – Financial

AMSA student membership will maintain a fiscally sound budget from year to year.

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Goals are outcome-oriented statements that represent what will constitute the organization’s future success. The achievement of each goal will move the AMSA Student Membership towards the realization of its vision. The goals are not in any order of priority. Every goal will need to be accomplished if the organization is to fully achieve its vision.

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