2021-2022 Student Board

Kathryn Hearn

Oklahoma State University



Kathryn Hearn is a graduate student at Oklahoma State University studying meat science with Dr. Gretchen Mafi.  She received her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University where she was a member of the 2018 Meat Judging Team and also worked in the meat laboratory.  Kathryn wants to ensure that new meat science students are able to have the same positive experiences with AMSA that she has had.

Social Media

  • @MeatScience: Now Hiring: Associate Human Resource Manager | Smithfield Foods: Tar Heel, North Carolina | https://t.co/McISMneQfl #jobs
  • @MeatScience: Now Hiring: Laboratory Supervisor | Smithfield Foods: Tar Heel, North Carolina | https://t.co/ckyWFoPKnI #jobs
  • @MeatScience: Now Hiring: Plant HR Generalist | Smithfield Foods: Tar Heel, North Carolina | https://t.co/0NJ94z8yK9 #jobs
  • @MeatScience: Now Hiring: Plant Safety Manager | Smithfield Foods: Kansas City , Missouri | https://t.co/EsFXXfYXe1 #jobs
  • @MeatScience: Now Hiring: Research & Development Specialist | Standard Meat Company: Saginaw, Texas | https://t.co/KRBVLqOSGH #jobs