Erin Beyer

Texas Tech University

At-Large Director

Erin Beyer is a graduate student at Texas Tech University studying Meat Science. She grew up in Brookshire, TX where she developed a passion for agriculture and chemistry leading her to this industry. Erin competed in meat judging in 2015 where she was first introduced to the AMSA and now she is currently coaching the 2018 meat judging team and quiz bowl team for TTU. Through Texas Tech, she has been very involved with the meat science program by coaching the 2017 meat judging team, competing in the AMSA Quiz Bowl competition and assisting with several domestic and international research projects. Erin is very excited to begin working closer with the AMSA through student board and hope to meet a lot of new AMSA members. Out of the many great opportunities, she is most looking forward to begin planning for next year's SLC and RMC with her fellow AMSA Student Board team!

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