To recognize and honor those who have actively promoted their College/University by extensive participation in industry and service activities on and off campus.


Only one Animal Science/ Food Science/ Meat Science Club from each institution is eligible for consideration and the nomination form must be submitted by a club member who is a current members of the AMSA student membership.  

Points of Consideration

  • Only activities performed from July 2011 through the present should be included in the application for consideration.
  • Application must be typed.
  • Please limit responses to the top five activities for each question. Only the sections you are seeking recognition eligibility in have to be completed (in addition to the club information)

Note: Therefore, not all sections have to be completed to be eligible.

Selection Process

Applicants must complete and return the attached nomination form by 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 6, 2012 to Carrie Highfill at carrie12@ksu.edu.  Nominations will be evaluated by a Selection Committee consisting of students and professional members.

Scoring Rubric

  • Club Information ~ Must be completed by all clubs
  • Personal Development ~ 20 points  (each question worth 10 points)
  • Outreach  ~ 20 points  (each question worth 10 points)
  • Membership Participation ~ 20 points  (Member numbers & AMSA members = 10 pts; question = 10 pts)
  • Networking  ~ 20 points  (each question worth 10 points)


Click here to download the application (PDF)   

Click here to download the application (Word)  


Clubs receiving a score of 15/20 points in one or more of the application session (Personal development, Outreach, Member Participation, and Networking) will be recognized at the AMSA Student Membership Business Meeting at RMC.  In addition, following RMC each university/college will be assigned to a month when their school program will be featured on the AMSA web-site and in the E-news.  

If you have any questions, please contact: Carrie Highfill – AMSA Student Board President @carrie12@ksu.edu

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