AMSA Student Membership Club Report - AMSA Meat Scientists at Colorado State University served the President

Nov 26, 2014

CSU2012The Colorado State University Meat Judging and Meat Science Quiz Bowl Teams prepared and served grilled ribeyes, roasted potatoes, green beans, salad and dinner rolls for 65 campus guests to include national news reporters, White House staffers and Secret Service agents traveling with the President. The CSU Center for Meat Safety and Quality in part helps organize the catering events that are manned by current and future students that intend on competing on the meats and quiz bowl teams. The catering events provide a means of financial stability for the two teams and assists students with travel, lodging, and other expenses incurred throughout the season.

Jordan McHenry, a graduate student in Animal Sciences, coaches the 2012 CSU Meat Judging Team. The team's catering work raises money that helps student compete nationwide.

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