AMSA Student Membership Club Report - Auburn University

Nov 26, 2014

Last year the Auburn Meat Science Association changed its name to the Auburn Collegiate Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Association (CCM/CCW) and began to target students who were not merely muscle foods majors but who were involved in any agricultural related field, specifically the beef and pork industries. In its second year, the organization is back in full swing with many new ideas that will allow members to be involved in the meat industry, to create opportunities to network with players in the industry, and to give back to their community.

During business meetings, CCM/CCW invites speakers to address its members about a variety of topics in order to give them a better understanding of career opportunities in the industry and how the industry operates. On September 10, Erin Beasley from the Alabama Cattleman’s Association spoke about what the ACA does, why obtaining a Masters of Beef Advocacy education is important, and how the national and state check-offs are constantly working to aid farmers and producers. Other soon to be scheduled speakers include an industry expert on quality assurance and an animal pharmaceutical representative. The group also holds social meetings to partake in fun events like a tailgate-style cookout, fish fry, bonfire, and bowling.

The collegiates are involved on and off campus. In September, they donated 45 canned goods to benefit the Campus Food Pantry, a program that helps students who are struggling with food insecurity. On October 13, a group volunteered at the Junior Cattlemen’s Show at the Alabama National Fair. They also have tentative plans to team up with Auburn ROTC to participate in the All American Beef Battalion to thank those men and women who so willingly defend our country.

CCM/CCW are actively involved in fundraising by selling t-shirts, “Eat AU Beef” car tags, holiday sausage boxes in the fall, and by operating a catering business. The sausage boxes include three types of summer sausage, all of which are processed and packaged by Auburn’s very own Lambert-Powell Meats Laboratory, and hoop cheese. Members will make 350 sausage boxes by the beginning of December. The catering business offers a variety of menu options to groups ranging in size from 10 to 750 people. Money raised through these events allows the organization to send its members on farm and industry tours. CCM/CCW will be sending members to the NCBA convention and trade show in February, the ACA convention in March and RMC in June. These conventions are cornerstone opportunities for collegiates to learn about issues in the industry, what these organizations are doing to aid farmers and producers, to network with future employers, and to prove the kinds of students that represent Auburn University.

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