AMSA Student Membership Club Report - Fresno State University Students

Nov 26, 2014

Fresno State University Students – Emphasizing the Importance of Meat Science
By Josh Hasty, Fresno State University

The Fresno State Meat Science program is rapidly growing with upcoming activities and endless opportunities for all students involved. The program consists of the Meat Science club, the Meats Judging team, student employees of the Meats Lab facility, as well as, the students pursuing a degree in Meat Science and Technology.

The Meat Science club is a fully active club that participates in various on and off related campus activities. The members of the club will be participating in the first inner agricultural department debate that will be held in the spring 2013 semester. Students will have the opportunity to compete with other clubs on certain issues pertaining to any degree of agriculture. The Meat Science club also hosted their first Holiday Ham and Steak Sale that helped raise funds for future opportunities such as the Annual Meat Science Appreciation Dinner and summer industry tours.

Aside from club related activities, the 2012-2013 Meats Judging team is practicing diligently for upcoming competitions. The judging coach, Joshua Hasty, is a new addition to the Fresno State Meat Science program and is looking forward to a very competitive and successful judging season. The team is gearing up for a new experience, exciting traveling endeavors, and unforgettable opportunities.

The Fresno State Meats Lab facility is continuously providing savory and safe meat products for the University’s Farm Market. All meat products are harvested, processed, and packaged by the students, from Fresno State raised animals. Meat products include retail cuts of beef, pork, and lamb, and specialty products such as fresh and cooked sausage, summer sausage, bacon, beef snack sticks and beef jerky. Fresno State produces approximately 20 varieties of sausage for the Farm Market, which is not only famous in the community, but around the state as well. The Farm Market has received great reviews on the meat products from its loyal consumers who are willing to support the students pursuing a degree in agriculture.

Many of the students who are employees of the Meats Lab are also pursuing a degree in Meat Science. Though the program is small at Fresno State, the enthusiasm of pursuing a degree in the field of Meat Science is spreading rapidly among all animal science majors. The hands-on experience in this particular field for undergraduate students has become intriguing to many incoming students, and therefore is expanding the program every semester. The Fresno State Meat Science program provides enthusiastic and endless knowledge of the meats industry and hopes to instill the importance of Meat Science in agriculture. The students gain the experience of providing a safe, wholesome, creative and reliable product for the community to enjoy.

Most importantly, the students of the Fresno State Meat Science program act as catalysts of the meat industry and emphasize the importance of Meat Science in our education, in our community, and in our world.

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