RMC features an interactive program which is tailored to bring attendees the very best and inspiring educational experience.  From the traditional keynote presentations to the very diverse reciprocation session, firsthand information is presented from leading industry experts.

The 2017 RMC technical program will all take place on the Texas A&M University's campus. The RMC planning committee is currently securing speakers and more information will be posted once available. 

Monday, June 19th

Keynote - Doing What’s Right - Donnie Smith

  • Donnie Smith, Former Chief Executive Officer with Tyson Foods, Inc., will be the opening keynote speaker at the AMSA 70th Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC), on Monday, June 19th.  With Smith’s passion for leadership and his focus on feeding the world, he will engage RMC attendees as he discusses “Doing What’s Right,” and the positive influence it can have not only on meat science and the meat industry, but also on positively affecting the lives of people around the world. Throughout his 36-year career in the food business, Smith worked to learn every aspect of Tyson Foods’ business.

Concurrent Sessions:

Food Security/In-Security - Chair: Mark Miller
  • A Food Insecurity Case Study Using a Meat Intervention to Change Learning and Quality of Life of Children and Women in Malawi Africa – Malinda Caldwell, Texas Tech University
  • Project SPAMMY™ in Guatemala – Kevin Myers, Hormel
  • Emerging Technologies for a More Sustainable and Resilient Beef Production System – The Irish Approach – Declan Troy, (International Award Winner), Teagasc Food Research Centre
Antibiotic resistance: The story, The Impact and What Comes Next - Chair: Robin Peterson
  • Known and unknown correlations of animal production, human overuse or misuse and other factors leading to antibiotic resistance – Morgan Scott, Texas A&M University
  • Impact on animals due to the loss of antibiotic use – Liz Wagstrom, National pork Producer Council
  • The New Frontier:  Production Enhancement to Meet the Global Protein Challenge -  Kim Friesen, NutriQuest
  • Phages as Natural Alternative for Antibiotic Use in Animal Health Applications -  Bert DeVegt, Micreos
Where Have We Been, Where are We Going in the Meat Industry - Chair: Megan Hobbs
  • The Current State of the U.S. Meat Industry: Shifting Consumer and Customer Attitudes and Perceptions are Driving Significant Change - Brian Sikes, Cargill Protein Group
  • The U.S. Meat Industry:  The 115 Year Path - Russell Cross, Texas A&M University
  • Retailer/Foodservice/CPG – Sylvia Wulf – US Foods

Reciprocation Sessions will be posted soon!

Tuesday, June20th

Keynote: Inside the Minds of Influencers – The Truth about Trust - Charlie Arnot, The Center for Food Integrity

  • Charlie Arnot, Chief Executive Officer with Center for Food Integrity, will kick off the AMSA 70th RMC, on Tuesday, June 20 with his session on “Inside the Minds of Influencers – The Truth about Trust.” Arnot believes that trust may be the most valuable intangible asset. With it, he says, doors open and opportunities abound. Without it, skepticism reigns, slowing progress and undermining success. In this keynote address, Arnot will explore the challenges of building and maintaining trust and the role that consumer influencers play in this dynamic environment. Charlie Arnot is recognized as a leader in food and agriculture. He is highly regarded as both a writer and a much sought-after speaker who engages audiences across the globe. Arnot has more than 25 years of experience working in communications, public relations, and issues management within the food system.

Concurrent Sessions:

Meat Flavor Chemistry - Chair: Andrea Garmyn
  • Application of metabolomics to understand flavor and flavor stability: a case study in beer - Adam Heuberger, Colorado State University
  • New findings on lamb flavor chemistry - Dale Woerner, Colorado State University
  • Post-Mortem Product Handling and Beef Flavor Chemistry - Jerrad Legako, Texas Tech University
  • Cooking Time and Temperature Influences on the Development of Maillard Reaction Products in Meat - Chris Kerth, Texas A&M University
A Debate - Current Perspectives in Meat Science - Chair: Betsy Booren
  • Topics to be discussed include:
    • Should animals only be treated when sick to be ethically responsible to the One Health initiatives?
    • Should mandatory labeling be required for processing aides used in food?
    • Should Salmonella be declared an adulterant in meat and poultry products?
    • Topic 4 – TBD closer to RMC (April/May)
State of the Industry: Consumer Driven Research and Development - Chair: Marcia Reeves/ Co-Chair: Randal Garrett
  • Cover close in and future trends in consumer needs and desires and how the industry needs to gear towards meeting those needs. - Chris Wolf, Tyson Foods
  • Will focus in on the US based consumer skill sets, food needs and desire for no food waste, teeing conversation up for Joe to discuss fresh delivery and new face of fresh grocery - Shawn Harris, Sealed Air
  • Retail or Food Service (Amazon, BlueApron, Wal-Mart.com, etc.)  - Joe LaMotta, Jet.com
  • Will discuss need to speed up research/data collection relative to food safety to keep pace with fast changing consumer needs. - Al Almanza, FSIS  

Reciprocation Sessions will be posted soon!

Wednesday, June 21st

Concurrent Session:

“-Omic” Approaches to Solve Meat Quality Issues - Chair: Amanda Blair  
  • Mass Spectrometry “Omics” Technologies and Their Potential for Meat Quality Research – A Tutorial – Jessica Prenni, Colorado State University
  • Using “Omics” Technology to Address Meat Quality Issues - Andy King, USDA-ARS
  • Metabolomics of Fresh Meat Color - Ranjith Ramanathan, Oklahoma State University
At the Chef’s Table: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – How the Culinary Art of Meat Science has Changed -  Chair: Susan Shivas
  • Product Development - Mario Valdovinos, Tyson Foods
  • Consumer Perspective - Catherine Proper, SuperValu
  • The Retailer Perspective - Jim Murray, Certified Executive Chef-Manager, National Pork Board 


FBI Food Defense – Christine Quinlan
  • Workshop Speakers Pending
Consumer Messaging – David Hayden
  • Addressing bad press through mainstream media via on camera interviews, phone interviews and social media – Season Solorio Gallun, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • Planting positive seeds-  How do we plant positive seeds to our younger generations and those that need to hear our message - Debbie Lyons-Blythe, Agriculture Advocate
  • Action Plan development- Steps in creating an effective action plan to combat crisis and bad media/press - Janet Riley, North American Meat Institute
Pork Value-Added Variety Meat Workshop – Benjy Mikel
  • Status of Pork Industry Variety Meat Initiatives and Exports - Cheyenne McEndaffer, U.S. Meat Export Federation and Becca Nepple, National Pork Board
  • Discussion of Pork Offal vs Pork Variety Meat Cuts - Keith Belk, Colorado State University
  • Use of microwave technologies to produce a shelf stable product from pork variety meats - Dana Hanson, North Carolina State University
  • Demonstration of Fibrin and novel ingredients as product enhancers in processed pork offal and variety meats-  Dale Woerner, Colorado State University and Benjy Mikel

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