To assist the Student Membership Board of Directors in initiating and planning of leadership events outside of Reciprocal Meat Conference on an annual/semiannual basis.

Principle Duties

  • Assist in the planning of the future Leadership Events.
  • Assist in the planning of other Leadership events that will take place outside of the annual Reciprocal Meat Conference.
  • Identify Leadership opportunities to help increase student awareness and participation.

Committee Members

Student Board of Directors Representatives

Devin Gredell, Colorado State University
Carla Weissend, Colorado State University


Josie Ang, University of Nebraska
KC Barnes, Oklahoma State University
Abby Bechtold, Oklahoma State University
Kaitlyn Bedell, Colorado State University
Cass Carpenter, University of Nebraska
Lindsey Drey, Kansas State University
Tommy Fletcher, Texas Tech University
Darby Gonzales, Texas Tech University
Brenna Klauer, Colorado State University
Cheyann Lovett, University of Nebraska
Whitney Magee, Auburn University
MaryAnn Matney, Kansas State University
Ashley McCoy, University of Nebraska
Jillian Milopoulos, Texas Tech University
Shannon O'Quinn, Texas Tech University
Cole Perkins, Texas Tech University
Mallorie Phelps, Texas Tech University  
Jacqueline Ponce, Oklahoma State University
Cody Shannon, Texas Tech University
Ty Sexton, Colorado State University
Kayley Wall, Texas A&M University
Shannon Wilkerson, Auburn University
Ivey Wise, Auburn University


  • Number of Volunteers: 25
  • Length of term: 1 year
  • Chair: Elected annually by the AMSA Student Membership Board of Directors

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