Bylaws of the American Meat Science Association

Proposed Amendment to the AMSA Bylaws 

The AMSA Board of Directors performed a review of our current bylaws as part of the process leading to the proposed bylaw amendments to be voted upon at the annual meeting of the American Meat Science Association. Notable changes to the current bylaws include the following:

  • Change in the description for consideration for emeritus status to specify a minimum of 15 years of active membership. 
  • The addition of two members to the Development Council, and the change from three-year terms to two-year terms for the proposed eight members.
  • Given the close working and financial relationships between the AMSA Board of Directors, the Student Board and the Intercollegiate Meat Coaches Association, a bylaws amendment is proposed to recognize both groups in the AMSA bylaws. Both the Student Board and Intercollegiate Meat Coaches Committee (new proposed name change) will still have policies, procedures, and leadership.

Copies of the current bylaws, proposed bylaws, and a redline comparison may be found below.

The AMSA Board welcome comments and questions from all AMSA members by contacting  A review period is now open for the members of AMSA to ask questions and provide additional input. The review period will close prior to the business meeting on June 27, 2023 at 1:00 pm CDT.