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RMC Early Bird Registration Ends, TODAY, May 23rd!

The AMSA RMC planning committee has planned some outstanding workshops for Wednesday, June 19th! Make sure you sign-up for these when you register! EARLY BIRD registration ENDS TODAY! Register now!

 If you are already registered and need to add a workshop, please login back into your account and select the RMC 2024 registration and modify existing registration! Click here for a step-by-step guide!

Workshops on Wednesday June 19th

9:30-11:15 am - Workshop: Teaching and Education
Sponsored by JBS/Pilgrim’s
Exploring Pathways: Guiding Students through Meat Industry Study Tours
 Experienced faculty will share their insights on setting up meat industry tours for students. Whether you want to expand pre-RMC tours from your location or develop an independent course, hear tips to develop a meat industry tour course. Faculty will share best practices for making contacts, budgeting, developing schedules, assessing learning outcomes, and troubleshooting.
Speakers: Andrea Garmyn, Ph.D., Michigan State University, John Henson, Ph.D., California State University-Fresno, and Gary Sullivan, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Creating Workforce Awareness through Business and Education Partnerships
Are you interested in exploring education-business partnerships to influence exposure to career opportunities in your industry?
During this session, you will hear about real-life success stories and insider tips to help you build relationships that will make education more relevant in your community and stimulate pathways for your local workforce. This session is beneficial for business and industry professionals in all roles. It will inform and guide you to make beneficial partnerships with your local education systems through workforce development activities. Nate, a certified economic development professional embedded in education, has the expertise and experience to bridge these worlds and create opportunities in communities of all sizes.
Speaker: Nate Clayberg, CEcD, CAPS Network
11:15 am – 2:30 pm - Workshop: Improving Your Grant Applications, A Discussion of Successful Proposals and the Review Process
Sponsored by Cargill
Writing successful proposals is an essential task for most academic meat scientists and others. A review of funded projects encompassing foundational, integrated, and training projects by AMSA members and a look into the review process will provide you with tools to improve your odds of successfully being funded.
Speakers: Deb Hamernik, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Anna Dilger, Ph.D., University of Illinois; Amand Blair, Ph.D., South Dakota State University and West River Agricultural Center; and Tanner Machado, Ph.D., Texas A&M Kingsville
$25 registration fee for lunch provided during this session- Sign up now!
9:45-11:45 am - Workshop: Hot Topics, A look at key issues you need to know
Sponsored by Empirical Foods 
Join us as we review the topics below and discuss current updates, anticipated issues, future action and the long-term impact on the industry.
• Live Animal Updates: HPAI and Gene Editing
• Sustainability Measures: How they are calculated? Which ones to use? Future research needs?
• Meat Regulations: Pathogens, Labeling Claims, Inspection and Animal Welfare
• Nitrates/Nitrites: Global Efforts to Impact their Use
 9:45-11:45 am - Workshop: Communicating Science Through Storytelling: How to Make Meat Matter
Sponsored by Midan
Can you speak the same language as consumers? Are you able to translate science to different audiences? This interactive workshop will help you have more meaningful conversations about meat and protein by providing context through story and creating connections in uncomfortable places. You’ll go home with:
• Techniques to build trust in scientists through hot buttons
• Ways to address contentious issues without dumping data
• Tactics to help you communicate more effectively, particularly about meat as a nutritional powerhouse
              Speaker: Michele Payn, Cause Matters Corp



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