2023 RMC Regular Registration Ends June 12!

The AMSA 2023 RMC regular registration ends June 12. If you have not registered to attend the AMSA 76th RMC, make sure you register and take advantage of the regular registration discount for the conference.

Not sure if you registered? OR If you want to know who else has registered, click here to see who is registered!

Already Registered: If you have already registered and would like to add to your registration, you can also do that online by logging into your AMSA account navigating to events, then the RMC event.

·    When you click register, you will see a popup box that allows you to Modify an Existing Registration.
·    Attendees are listed in the top grey box.
·    Click the pencil next to the attendee's name you would like to modify
·    Then the attendee selections tab
·    From here, click the bolded dates the events for each day will drop down
·    Click the square box for any activities you are registering for at RMC
·    Then select the round button to accept the activity fee, if applicable
·    Finally, click Save and Proceed to Checkout where you will be able to enter your payment information for any added activities sessions.

The RMC Banquet is sold out and attendees who have not registered to attend will not be able to add this option to registration. We apologize for any inconvenience!

RMC Activities

·    Iron Chef Competition (Students only - $25)
·    Processed Meats Competition (Students only - $25)
·    Golf Tournament - $100
·    Kickball Tournament - $25
·    Monday Accompanying Person Tour - $75
·    Student Mixer - $0 (Professional Fee - $25)
·    Tuesday Accompanying Person Tour - $25
·    Fun Run - $25
·    Wednesday Flavor Workshop - $0

AMSA RMC Housing Block Closes May 23rd!  

Just a reminder that the 2023 RMC Housing block will close at 11:59 pm CT on May 23, 2023! If you are coming to RMC and have not booked your hotel, please do so as soon as possible!

Countdown to RMC Begins – See you soon!

AMSA Staff and the RMC Planning and Host committees are finalizing the details for our big 76th celebration this summer in St. Paul, MN! So, we hope you are already registered for the AMSA 76th RMC! “RMC brings together the leading scientists and technical experts in the meat industry to understand challenges, work toward solutions, and plan for the future. Best of all, students, the future of the meat industry, are there to learn from them,” stated AMSA CEO, Collette Kaster. For the last 76 years this meeting has been a place for researchers, students, and industry professionals to gather and discuss research and hot topics within the meat industry. 



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