AMSA Membership

The field of meat science has never been broader or more rapidly growing, and this is exciting. That however also provides challenges to stay aware of all that take place in the field. American Meat Science Association can help make certain that you stay abreast and moving forward.

AMSA brings those in the meat science field together through ways that encourage community and professional development with over 2000 meat scientists representing major university research and teaching institutions and meat processing companies in the United States and internationally.

AMSA is a uniquely far-reaching conduit for academic and professional collaboration and learning - one you too can utilize.

Whether an undergrad or a graduate student, or a meat science professional, joining AMSA can provide you innovative learning experiences, opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration, and leadership development programs to further bolster awareness. Make sure an AMSA membership helps streamline and support your educational and professional growth.

  • Networking with leading meat scientists from academia, industry, and government
  • Discounts on registration fees for AMSA events such as the Reciprocal Meat Conference, PORK 101, SALUMI 101, and other technical programs
  • Opportunity to attend various exclusive short courses on meat science subjects and an invitation to attend the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST)
  • Dissemination of scientific information at joint programs with the American Association of Meat Processors, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the National Pork Board, and the North American Meat Institute.
  • Discounted registration at events with our partner organizations.
  • Professional development opportunities that shape your career by participating on committees, boards, and award programs
  • Annual Proceedings of the Reciprocal Meat Conference (online)
  • AMSA Directory of Members - a listing of addresses and phone numbers (online) for networking with other meat science professionals
  • Exclusive access to the AMSA Educational Database
  • The weekly AMSA eNews is filled with activity updates, member news, meat science and industry updates, and employment opportunities
  • Discounted publishing fees for the AMSA journal Meat and Muscle Biology
  • A subscription to the online magazine Animal Frontiers
  • Discounted subscription rates to Meat Science
  • Unlimited access to all online ‘member-only’ information, including webinar archives

AMSA Member Spotlights

We value active participation and engagement of our members and welcome collaborative relationships with other groups and organizations.


AMSA is filled with exceptional individuals. We believe in cultivating a network of domestic and international members who share expertise and passion for meat science and believe in highlighting members and showing their value to the AMSA community and world.