New MMB Logo 2021The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) is starting Meat and Muscle Biology to be focused on edible products from commonly farmed and/or harvested meat animal species. The goal of this journal is to become the premier scientific journal for the world meat science community by offering a broad scope of peer-review manuscripts on meat and muscle biology. This journal is a gold open access online only journal that began accepting manuscripts for review October 26, 2016 and will start publishing journal issues in February 2017. Accepted papers will be published sequentially in one issue per year by Image Iowa State University Digital Press. View the AMSA Journal online!

Journal Scope

The purpose of Meat and Muscle Biology is to provide an appropriate medium for the dissemination of interdisciplinary and international knowledge on all antemortem and postmortem factors that influence the properties of meat that are marketed for human consumption. High quality, pertinent, and timely basic and applied research will be published on meat and muscle biology from domestic mammals, avians, aquaculture species, amphibians, wild capture mammals, and synthetic meat analogs. Topics can include any factors affecting meat and its use, including production, quality, composition, processing, safety, and value of edible products including muscle biology and biochemistry, human nutrition, food safety, sensory evaluation, consumer science, new or improved meat related analytical procedures, processing and sensing technologies, and marketing of meat products.

Types of papers considered for publication (all subject to peer review):

  • Original research articles
  • Review papers
  • RMC abstracts (as one paper)
  • Proceedings

All Published Manuscripts

Volume 1 (2017)

Volume 2 (2018)

Volume 3 (2019)

Volume 4 (2020) 

Volume 5 (2021)

Volume 6 (2022)

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Editorial Executive Board

Editorial Board

Manuscript Style Guide and Checklist

Scientific Document Descriptions

Scientific Review

An article that provides an unbiased, scientific summary and presents the current state of
understanding of a topic. These articles are subject to peer review. Broadly speaking, these would
also include scoping reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. To be published in MMB.

Original (Primary) Research Article

These are articles that describe original work done by the authors. These articles include a description of the methodology that was used to generate the data in the paper. Typically, an original (primary) research article reports on a single study. These articles undergo traditional peer review and vetting. To be published in MMB.

Research Methods Guideline (Research Guide)

A document that provides current best practices for collecting data/conducting research on a
particular topic. It also includes references to original research that describes protocols that are
outlined in the research guide. It is not a review of the literature, but it could include elements of a
literature review. This document is subject to peer review. Could be published in MMB.

Fact Sheet

A short, unbiased, informational document that presents information in a way that communicates
key points very concisely. Fact sheets often use tables, graphs, pictures, etc., to summarize
information in a concise manner for quick reading. They reference key review articles and original
research papers and may include a list of recommended reading and resources. Some short RMC
proceedings papers may be more appropriate as fact sheets rather than scientific review papers. These
fact sheets would undergo peer review. To be formatted like AMSA fact sheets and to be published on the AMSA websites (RMC fact sheets would be published in App and with proceedings).


A highly visual, graphic representation of information, designed to convey information that the reader can consume quickly. They are often developed with the assumption that the reader is not highly familiar with the topic. Infographics are also effective to draw attention to published scientific research publications such as review articles, primary research papers, and fact sheets. To be formatted and published on the AMSA platforms/websites.

White Paper

A report (often commissioned by an organization) intended to give concise information about a specific topic and gives the issuing organization’s interpretation of the topic or issue. Approval by the Scientific Information and Education Committee is recommended. To be formatted and published as a PDF on the AMSA website.

Historical Review Documents

From the standpoint of AMSA, these documents serve to preserve and archive the history of the industry, and/or the association, its meetings, and its membership. To be formatted and published as a PDF on the AMSA website and made available for purchase on Lulu.com.