Use of Council Funds

The AMSA Board of Directors submits requests to the Council for Endowment  funds. All fund disbursements must be consistent with AMSA goals and policies.

Designated Gift Opportunities

Innovation Fund

The Innovation fund underwrites and cultivates initiatives which allow AMSA to reach the largest possible audience. Unrestricted Gifts made to the Innovation Fund allow AMSA to quickly address new or emerging opportunities, as well as to fund our highest priority efforts.

Youth Programs Endowment Fund – Three Options:

1.The Meat Judging Fund fosters future leaders, researchers and communicators by equipping them with skills needed to make positive contributions in industry, academia and government.

2.Youth Programs are programs and initiatives outside of judging that introduce students to meat, meat science and opportunities in the industry.

3.The AMSA Internship program provides unique hands-on opportunities in the U.S. and abroad for youth to experience their particular areas of interest.

Program, Communication, and Outreach Fund

AMSA is the premier provider of learning and knowledge for the meat science discipline. This fund is intended to help the association deliver innovative learning experiences, opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration and leadership development programs designed to develop future leaders and scientists.

Programming and Conferences

  1. AMSA Reciprocal Meat Conference, PORK 101, SALUMI 101, educational webinars, as well as new programs developed in accordance with the Association's mission.

Education and Outreach

  1. Continuing education programs and professional development, Meat and Muscle Biology, a peer reviewed journal; and online resources including articles, fact sheets and training resources
  2. Outreach by AMSA to represent meat science expertise for current and emerging meat science issues.