AMSA Development Council Century Club   

Become a Century Club member! With a gift of $100 annually to the Council's Innovation Fund, members can make AMSA nimbler in responding to opportunities and stronger to support and expand educational programs.

  Donate NowThese unrestricted funds are used to:

  • help launch new programs
  • equip students with leadership training
  • underwrite quick-response issue white papers
  • and more!

As important as these abilities are, the Innovation Fund is one of the least developed Council funds. The future will continue to see rapid change in meat science and a powerful need for reliable, useful information. The need for AMSA will only grow. This is where members like you can make a lasting difference. The CENTURY CLUB is seeking 100 AMSA members who will contribute $100 annually to empower the future. Will you be one? 

Become one of the elite first 100 CENTURY CLUB members! Stand out with special recognition at RMC; be recognized online.  Click here to get started.



Century Club

Elton Aberle
David Anderson
Sharon Beals
Keith Belk
Jane Ann Boles
Mindy Brashears
Christy Bratcher
Chris Calkins
Robert Campbell
Steve Campano
Zerle Carpenter
Tom Carr
Catherine Cutter
Robert Delmore
Michael Dikeman
Scott Eilert
Marty Freeman
Casey Frye
Steven Goll
Bucky Gwartney
Ross Jabaay
Dana Hanson
William Henning
Randy Hines
Dale Huffman
Collette Kaster
James Lamkey
Billy Lloyd
Elisabeth Lonergan
Steven Lonergan
Grechten Mafi
Benjy Mikel
Rhonda Miller
Brad Morgan
Tony Payne
Wendy Pinkerton
Thomas Powell
Dean Pringle
Fred Ray
Terry Rolan
Jeff Savell
John Scanga
Daniel Schaefer
Joseph Sebranek
Gary Smith
John Stika
Rodrigo Tarté
Tommy Wheeler
Daren Williams
Jimmy Wise


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