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  1. Timeline for Identification and Hiring of the AMSA CEO 11/14/2018

      • November 16: Input from sustaining partners
      • December 6: Post job
      • January 25: Screening begins
      • March 1: Identify final candidates
      • March 18 – 22: Face-to-face interviews with Board and Staff
      • April 2: Make an offer

  2. CEO Search Committee Update 11/14/2018

    The search committee is

      • Chair: Eric Berg
      • Members: Dan Schaefer, Larry Hand, Jimmy Keeton, Craig Bacon, Steve Campano, Christy Bratcher, Gretchen Mafi, and Loni Lucherk (Student BoD representative)
      • AMSA members are encouraged to reach out to any member of the search committee with questions or suggestions for possible candidates.

  3. AMSA By-Law Amendment 11/14/2018

    The Board would like to proceed with the recommendation from our recent AMSA organizational audit and rebrand the Executive Director title as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). All current AMSA professional and emeritus AMSA members should have received a ballot to cast your vote for the By-Law amendment last week. If you did not receive a ballot please send an email to dmabry@meatscience.org.


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